Sansaar” is the brainchild of designer Ayesha Thapar Yesil; born of the Thapar Dynasty in India, one of the largest and most well respected Business empires of the country. In Feb 2003 Ayesha wed Turkish Entrepreneur Engin Yesil in a magical 4day-4 night wedding in New Delhi India.
She then moved to Miami, Florida. In Miami, Ayesha celebrates her Indian heritage and wears beautiful ornate Indian attire not only while out in Miami night life but also, in the rich diverse mix of international philanthropic events.
She is known as the Indian Princess. While creating in Miami a whole new type of fashion energy and sharing her unique sense of style, she was predicting a new fashion renaissance. Thus, in response for the demand of an Eastern influenced design collection, Ayesha decided to create her own line of jewelry/fashion accessories inspired by her traveling and living between India, Turkey, and the United States, as well as, the many countries she has visited worldwide. “I have been traveling since I was a little child, and with every country I visit I pick up a little piece of their culture and make it my own. I want my line to be an organic blend of the creative expression of many different countries enveloped into one.”
  "Sansaar” is an ever changing philosophy, a representation of the creative energy of a soul in constant transformation, due to life’s myriad experiences and cycles. “Sansaar” is an authentic expression of one person’s dream and artistic creativity. Today’s “Sansaar” line embodies all the glitter and glamour of the world, intricately worked, with careful detailed patterns all set in genuine Swarovski crystals and Kundun stones. “Sansaar’s” authentic inspiration is further enhanced by its accessible reach, stating that “it does not cost to be creative.”

“Now every woman will be able to feel like a princess.”

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